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Hi!  I'm Kristine and I love music, performing, cats, and  children. 

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I grew up in a family of musicians, actors, puppeteers and story tellers.  I started performing as a child and can't imagine my life without the theatre!  I began my career with the Palo Alto Children's Theatre and the theatre quickly became my second home. I was fortunate enough to perform with our family business, The Puppet Masters, which was founded by my grandfather, Master Puppeteer Hans Schmidt.  We performed throughout the California Central Valley bringing puppetry and theatre to Migrant workers, educators and the community. 


I attended CalArts as a voice major and eventually graduated from Notre Dame de Namur with a B.A. and Master's in Pscyhology,  as well as a California Teacher's Credential.  As a professional actress I've performed interactive dinner theatre utilizing my improvisational skills,  portrayed background in commercial and industrial film, as well as led workshops teaching and performing in participatory theatre productions in school settings.


I've sung in a variety of genres as a soloist, choir member and in small group ensembles.  I truly love to sing!  I also do voiceover work and have recorded several charming children's stories (which you can find on my Reels).  I look forward to continuing my voiceover work, as well as singing and acting in a variety of situations. 


Let's talk about opportunities!!


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