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Kristine Berg

Height:       5’5”

Hair:           Blonde

Eyes:           Blue
Location:    Santa Clara, CA
Willing to travel!

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Performance Resume

Dk. Blue Kristine.jpg

Title:            Girls Night

Role:            Sandy

Director:     Diane Thorne


Title:            Ant Man and The Wasp

Role:            SF Tourist

Director:     Peyton Reed


Title:            The OA

Role:            Dinner Patron

Director:     Zal Batmanglij


Title:            Über

Role:            Pedestrian

Director:     Indigital Studios

Title:            Specialized Bicycles

Role:            Race Fan

Director:     Nicholas Maggio

Title:            Skype

Role:            App User

Director:     Butterbar


Title:            HomeLight

Role:               Wife in Couple Background and Still Model

Director:     Liam Brady

Title:            Under Armour

Role:            Spa Masseuse

Director:     Steve Rogers

Title:            NFL 49er Promo

Role:            Football Fan

Director:     Greenpoint Pictures, Inc.


Title:            Huckleberry Startup Video

Role:             Jewelry Store Owner

Director:     Will Francome


Title:            Culture Amp Video

Role:            Office Worker

Director:     Ron Small


Title:            Norton Hotspot Video

Role:            Mom, Barista

Director:     Jerry Pentin Productions


Title:            The Ladies' Foursome

Role:            Connie

Company:   Santa Clara Players


Title:            Interactive Dinner Improv

Role:            Host, Co-Host, Lead and Suspects

Company:   Dinner Detective/Murder Mystery Company


Title:            Heroes

Role:            2-Person Show, Multiple Roles

Company:   Theatre of All Possibilities

Title:            We The People

Role:             2-Person Show, Multiple Roles

Company:   Theatre of All Possibilities

Title:            Sound of Music

Role:            Nun, Frau Schweige

Company:   Woodside Community Theatre

Title:            Babes in Toyland

Role:            Little Miss Muffet

Company:   Lyric Theatre

Title:            Iolanthe

Role:            Fairy Ensemble

Company:   Lyric Theatre

Title:           Wonderful Town

Role:            Eileen

Company:   Portola Valley Community Theatre

Title:            Lullaby of Broadway

Role:            Multiple Roles

Company:   College of Notre Dame

Vocal Performance


Basic French

Wedding Soloist

Variety of Weddings

San Francisco Bay Area

1st Soprano

Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers

San Francisco Bay Area

Holiday Soloist

St. James Episcopal Church

Fremont, CA

1st Soprano

Mission Peak Chamber Singers

Fremont, CA

Soprano Soloist

Private Recitals

San Francisco Bay Area

1st Soprano

LyriCats (A Cappella Quintet)

San Francisco Bay Area

Role of Christine

Excerpts from Phantom of the Opera

College of Notre Dame

Soprano Section Leader & Soloist

​​​​​Christ Church

Portola Valley, CA

1st Soprano

Henry Mollicone Performance/Recording

Los Altos, CA

1st Soprano

Vocal Impact (Classical Choir)

Cupertino, CA

1st Soprano

Huzzah (Madrigal Small Ensemble)

San Francisco Bay Area

1st Soprano

Jeanine Wagner Chorale

Los Angeles, CA


"All God's Children" Television Show

San Francisco, CA

Training & Workshops

20+ years Private Voice Lessons (Classical and Musical Theatre) with Michael Morris
Master's Singing Workshop at Lamplighters Theatre

Ballroom and Tango Lessons with US Tango Champions

Ballroom Dancing


Vocal Instruction

Child Management!



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